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Our aim at Sursun Ebike Tour is to provide our customers with a unique and enriching experience, promoting sustainable and responsible tourism on the Tropical coast and Granada. We are passionate about sharing the beauty and hidden treasures of this region, and hope that our electric bike tours will allow you to discover and enjoy all that the southern Spain has to offer.


He is passionate about adrenaline and extreme challenges. With more than 18 years of experience in the downhill world, Luis is recognised as an outstanding racer and guide in this sport.

Luis has dedicated a large part of his life to MTB, participating in national and international competitions at the highest level. His dedication and tenacity have led him to create his own company, where he organises tours and training for riders of all levels.

As a downhill guide, Luis shares his experience and knowledge with enthusiasts of the sport, providing them with safety, advice and motivation.

knowing more about us
knowing more about us


Selina, a woman with a passion for mountain biking and a distinguished career in various fields. In addition to being CEO of her own company, Selina is a mountain biking enthusiast and has made her passion a fundamental part of her life.

Her qualification as a chiromassage therapist gives her an in-depth knowledge of the human body and the therapeutic techniques necessary for the well-being of the body.
In addition, as a community manager, Selina deploys her ability to connect with people online and build a community around mountain biking.

The importance of her role makes the team complete, as all of them, each with their own role, are key to the role they play and the future of the company.


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